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last night, i managed to sway [ profile] taysqueak to the dark side, that is, a certain smiley king who's obsessed with food. extremely image heavy. huge pictures forthwith, because i'm too lazy to manually resize every single one in photobucket.

the MASSU picspam

because i'd take cute and giggly over dead fish eyes anyday.

why do i love massu? let me count the ways.

because he has somehow managed to not change a single bit since the tender age of what looks to be 5.

case in point. this was taken back in 2004 and he still looks EXACTLY THE SAME. moving on.

because he can wear navy blue pajama-type-looking-pants with white stars with a fabulous pink shirt. and sit on elton john's star out in hollywood at the same time. and he can do all of this and still be manlier than all of news combined.

he can also wear leopard print and what may be the shortest shorts to have graced news' legs -- and still be manlier than koyama. i rest my case.

and he also shows no sort of worry over being in a skirt. just saying.

and he can wear that ridiculous moustache and it's clear that he's being such a creeper but he makes it adorable. i dare you to find someone else who can do the same!

while we're on the topic of manliness and clothing, he is the only johnny's member i have seen who will always, without fail, wear baggy pants/jeans, and he never, ever crosses his legs.

unless he's sitting cross-legged on the floor. and looking like he's 5 ;awhfe idk how he does it.

he can also make plastic flowers look sexy instead of tacky.

there is a reason why he gets called the pig, other than his eating habits.





but of course, like all good idols...

...all excess calories are automatically converted into muscle mass.

and how.

but of course...

when we're talking about massu...

the first thing that pops into everyone's mind is...

his ridiculously charming smile that goes on for ages.

i have never seen him angry...




pissed off, or even remotely annoyed.

which is why he's my favorite. because, you see...

to me, he gives off this amazing vibe.

the vibe that he absolutely, 100% loves his job.

that he genuinely enjoys being in news,

(but it's okay, i'd make a similar face if yamapi was trying to kiss me, bb)

and he's incredibly grateful for what got him there to begin with.

he's always thankful to others,

and happy to help whenever someone needs it.

that's why i love massu.

having a gloomy...


distraught... (this picture makes me ;awhf;oei so sad omg i just want to hug him)

massu is kind of like tits on a duck -- what's the point?



just kidding!

(even though it's kind of hot. um. what.)

so what have we learned today?

massu's eyes resemble brock's from pokemon.

he has a thing for pigs.

he loves his food!

and obnoxious clothing.

he's also 1/6 of news.

and makes it work better than any of them.

but in the end...

...he'll always look like a big little kid, looking brightly at the world.


no tegomass music videos, mostly because i cannot stomach watching more than 30 seconds of tegoshi in a row. so here are my four favorite news music videos, mostly new one's because there were a bajillion of them prior to these. shut up, they all go by really fast!

news - "summer time". points to note: massu spends the majority of the time with a lifering around his waist, his D: face when ryo washes a hole into his shirt, the super concerned look on his face for said t-shirt, and oh, the fact that he is the only one on screen for about 15 seconds in the beginning. ALSO the big ryo and massu hug at the very end! it made me go 'awwww!' out loud today.

news - "weeeek". points to note: anytime massu flails and does his little running in place jig with his hands fanned out in front of him. and ryo's manhandling. OMG WTF I AM GOING TO END UP SHIPPING RYO/MASSU WHO DOES THAT. anyway, i'm sure there are other things, too, that i forgot to mention, but idk, i'm usually too preoccupied with dancing to this song to notice a lot...

news - "hoshi wo mezashite". points to note: massu's ninjaing ways! lots of general news shenanigans in this one. i hate yamapi's hair.

news - "happy birthday"; the one that started it all. points to note: massu's special animation part is making a hamburger. he and yamapi also take simultaneous bites of it. massu's pants can fit the entire population of hogwarts in them, no lie.

with that -- I HOPE YOU'VE ALL LEARNED SOMETHING. idk what it is, but um, you know. i uploaded 160 pictures to photobucket, i was clearly dedicated to the cause. D:

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