Aug. 7th, 2009

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i wonder why i always seem to get along better with guys than girls.

take my japanese class for example. there's a pretty even split of guys and girls in the class, but none of the girls ever talk to me (discounting crazy inuyasha girl, since it depends on when she actually decides to show up or not) -- i'm okay with this, really, because i'm used to it, and for as long as i can remember, it's always been easier for me to talk to boys rather than girls. so, naturally, i've struck up friendships with the dudes in my class. again, i'm okay with this. the guys are less stuck up, they do stupid things like name our fake dialogue store the "drunken song karaoke", and we learn new vocab by working together to figure out how to say the most ridiculous things. there's always more laughing coming from our side. it's kind of strange.

idk. from my point of view, tbh, guys are just less maintenance to keep as friends, nor do they ever expect to see you every single day in order to consider you a good friend of theirs. mike and i can go whole semesters without seeing each other and when we finally do meet up again during the winter/summer breaks, it's like nothing's changed. it's not like we went four, five months without seeing each other at all. chris and i are the exact same way; we've fell into this cycle of one of us going to visit one another, not talking for a few months, find a day to spend 3 hours on the phone, and then don't talk again until we decide it's time to visit again. even avi or frouz, who both pester me constantly on the phone/facebook to hang out, when i only knew avi because of liz, and frouz from high school, who i've only seen once since we graduated. now that i really think about it, the only people i would ever divulge EVERYTHING to break down to something like 4/5 guys and 1 girl.

idgi! maybe i have a natural female repellent. i think i'm okay with that. idk, lately i've been feeling like a lot of the girls in my life are kind of flaky and...not to be trusted? and i'm well aware that i probably seem the same way to others. i have been actively working on it, though, because i'm almost positive that a lot of it has to do with my old friends, which I KNOW, is such a pain to bring up whenever i'm having ~social issues~ but idk about you, it's kind of hard to walk away unscathed from 8/9 years of friendship crashing and burning in front of your eyes. all caused by petty girls. girls are kind of the worst. ever.

lastly, i'd just like to say, WOOOOOO, surprise, you guys! i'm a human being with emotions instead of Another Crazy Bitch who snaps at people for, oh, NO APPARENT REASON AT ALL!! let me dazzle you with my tears!


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